Monday, August 3, 2015

Oregon Used Only 4% of Available Private Activity Bond Cap in 2014; MF Use Was $10.4 Million Out of $1.4 Billion Available.

Thanks to heads up from Novogradac Note HERE, I did a little more analysis of CDFA state data on private activity bond issuance in 2014. 

Excel spreadsheet I created HERE and embedded below has all the state data. A prior similar post from July 2014 is HERE. [Note: 2015 Spreadsheet is wide, you will have to scroll to right to see all columns].

Some observations: 
  • Oregon used only $60.3 million [4%] of $1.42 Billion in private activity bond cap available at the start of the year; Nationally 13% of PAB bond cap was used. 
  •  17% [$10.4 M] of PAB used in Oregon in 2014 [$60.3 M] was for MF; nationally the % used for MF was 56%. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

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