Sunday, February 21, 2016

Download 2015 Excel Demographic Data for 5 Million+ HUD Subsidized Housing Units, 50K+ in Oregon

HUD recently published updated data for their 2015 Picture of HUD Subsidized Housing Units. 

In the Excel file HERE I extracted data for states, counties, and core based statistical areas and added pivot sheets that breakout Oregon areas within those 3 geographic types.  All worksheets and pivot tables include data on multiple different HUD subsidized programs, including housing vouchers, public housing, project based Section 8, ETC. [Note: No counts of HOME or CDBG assisted units are included]

The pivot worksheets all now open to a unit count of HUD subsidized housing by program; more than 5 million units nationally, and more than 50,000 HUD subsidized units in Oregon.   

But wait Johnny, there's more......

Each of the three sets of geographies includes a total of more than 70 possible fields, including demographic information about the tenants. [Worksheet towards the end of the workbook includes listing of all fields, HERE is a link to the data dictionary].  

Using the Pivot Tables users can see by program and geography what percentage of households are minority, income levels of tenants, etc, etc. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

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