Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A First: Side by Side Comparison of Housing Voucher Metrics from 49 Oregon AND Washington PHA's.

The HUD Picture of Subsidized Households provides a wealth of data on the demographics of HUD tenants.   The focus of this post is the Housing Voucher program. 

I downloaded data for vouchers for all US PHA's and then extracted Oregon and Washington PHA data into an Excel workbook HERE and embedded below. 

To make the data easy to use I constructed a worksheet that allows side by side comparisons, including

  • Selection of up to 10 PHA's at a time. [There are 49 Oregon and Washington PHA's from which to choose].
  • Selection of up to 7 metrics at a time [There are more than 50 metrics from which to choose].
  • A graph showing a visual comparison of the 4th metric selected. [Scroll down to page 2 to see].
  • Conditional formatting showing the high and low values for each metric selected (for the PHA's selected). 

[To view all columns in the worksheet you will have to scroll right, to use the pull downs you likely will have to download the Excel workbook]. 

Examples: Minority and Female Heads of Household % Comparisons
The default metrics selected includes the % of minority households served by the voucher program. From the 10 PHA's I selected you can see that Central Oregon PHA has the lowest % (9%) while the Seattle housing authority has the highest % (63%). 

Similarly, the data for the PHA selections I made show that the highest percentage of voucher holders headed by women is 79% in Clackamas county and the low is 59% in Seattle. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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