Monday, August 29, 2016

CORRECTED!!: 2013 State Data on $293 BILLION in Federal Income Tax Reported Home Mortgage Interest Payments.

Don't know what I was thinking, but prior post DOUBLED the amount of MID in 2013. 

I have published a revised version of the PDF, showing the US total as $293 BILLION instead of the previously shown $587 billion. State totals were also doubled; I have changed references in text below to the correct amounts.  Apologies abound....


Used SOI data from IRS, I constructed the 2 page PDF file HERE and embedded below.   Note that this table shows total reported mortgage interest and NOT the reduced revenue to the federal government resulting from the mortgage interest deductions from taxable income.  

Oregon ranks 22rd in the country in the amount of federally reported mortgage interest with $8.7 $4.3 billion, but that is half of the $17.7 $8.9 billion for Washington state tax filers and peanuts compared to the $108 $54 billion reported by California tax filers. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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