Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Two New Maps w 2014 Fed Income Tax Data: A. 10 Oregon Zip Codes Had 21% of Statewide Total in Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax Payments; B. Map for ALL Oregon Zip Codes w RE Taxes and Mtg Interest $ .

New 2014 IRS Statistics of Income data were released last week at the state, county, and zip code levels.

I put together two different types of Google maps to help visualize the location of $6.5 BILLION in mortgage interest and real estate tax FEDERAL income tax deductions. 

The first HERE is a point map showing the 10 zip codes with the highest reported mortgage interest and real estate tax payments. ( 8 out of the top 10 zip codes were in the Portland metro area).

There were a total of 353 Oregon zip codes with reported mortgage interest and real estate tax values in the IRS data.

Combined these 10 zip codes represented
  • 12% of all filers, but 21% of all reported mortgage interest and real estate tax payments
  • $1.2 billion out of a statewide total of $6.5 billion in reported mortgage interest and real estate tax payments
The second color coded map HERE first opens to a table. Select the tab at the top "map of geometry" to see a map of Oregon zip codes where RE taxes and mortgage interest was reported by IRS. Then within the map click on any zip to see the total number of returns, RE taxes, mortgage interest, and the total mortgage interest plus RE taxes. (I'm not in love with the color coding in the map, but like the unprecedented level of detail). 

Tip:  In the map view of the second map you can also use filters to zero in on specific criteria, so if you want to see only zips with less than $10 M in real estate and mortgage interest deductions enter those values and only those zips will show up on the map. By default I applied a filter that excludes zips with no RE taxes or mortgage interest deductions in the zip code data that I downloaded from IRS. (IRS 2014 zip code SOI data can be found HERE).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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