Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New 2014 Oregon IRS SOI Zip Code Level Data: 130 Data Fields, 275k+ Pieces of Data.

Last week I downloaded new 2014 IRS Statistics of Income data for Oregon zip codes, made some enhancements and have posted the enhanced version into an Excel workbook HERE and embedded below--the Pivot table displayed in the embed may require that you scroll right to see all columns. 

  1. I added field names to the codes that IRS supplies. 
  2. I added a lookup that names and substitutes income ranges for IRS codes. (Each zip code has data for 6 income ranges).
  3. I added three data fields showing total mortgage interest and real estate deductions, the share those deductions were of total itemized deductions ($), and the share of all returns claiming the earned income tax credit.
  4. I extracted state total data into a worksheet.
  5. I added a pivot table. (The default view is a high to low sorted order of total mortgage interest and real estate $$ deductions). NOTE: $ in table and data are in $1,000's so "$100,000" in table/data is $100 million)
  6. I added a worksheet and some graphs that summarize unemployment income, child tax credits, and earned income credits by income grouping. Provide good idea about the information found in the data. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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