Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New 2014 Oregon IRS SOI Zip Code Level Data: 130 Data Fields, 275k+ Pieces of Data.

Last week I downloaded new 2014 IRS Statistics of Income data for Oregon zip codes, made some enhancements and have posted the enhanced version into an Excel workbook HERE and embedded below--the Pivot table displayed in the embed may require that you scroll right to see all columns. 

  1. I added field names to the codes that IRS supplies. 
  2. I added a lookup that names and substitutes income ranges for IRS codes. (Each zip code has data for 6 income ranges).
  3. I added three data fields showing total mortgage interest and real estate deductions, the share those deductions were of total itemized deductions ($), and the share of all returns claiming the earned income tax credit.
  4. I extracted state total data into a worksheet.
  5. I added a pivot table. (The default view is a high to low sorted order of total mortgage interest and real estate $$ deductions). NOTE: $ in table and data are in $1,000's so "$100,000" in table/data is $100 million)
  6. I added a worksheet and some graphs that summarize unemployment income, child tax credits, and earned income credits by income grouping. This provides a sample of the kinds of information found in the data. (A MS Word data dictionary HERE from IRS provides a complete listing of the data fields in the 2014 zip code level file).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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