Thursday, November 17, 2016

Portland Share of Metro Regulated Affordable Rental Housing Is Higher At Lower Income Affordability Levels.

In August Metro released a PDF file HERE with summaries of regulated housing in the Portland metro area for 2015.

My prior post HERE has my analysis of the Metro 2011 regulated housing inventory report.

Metro staff quickly responded to my request for the underlying data for 2015 and I converted and merged data from their MS Access file into an Excel workbook.

The Metro MS Access table "unit details" has details on affordability levels for MOST (95%) but not ALL of the regulated housing units shown in the "main" table.

Using this "unit detail" data I have summarized the count of all regulated housing units below 60% of median family income by city; this can be directly compared to the data found in the Metro PDF file in Table 3. My 3 page PDF of that data is HERE and embedded below and includes a graph showing the Portland share of of affordable units at different affordability levels up to 60% of MFI. [The far right column shows the %'s of all regulated units found in the original Metro Table 3).

Metro's Table 3 shows that Portland has 50.2% of all regulated units.
My analysis is that Portland has a much higher 68% of all units affordable below 60% MFI, and 75% of all regulated units affordable to households below 30% of MFI.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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