Thursday, December 7, 2017

Extensive Renter Cost Burden Data Excel Workbook Updated With 2012-2016 ACS Data.

Last year I posted an Excel workbook (HEREwith extensive 2011-2015 renter cost burden data for the US, all states, all Oregon counties, all Oregon places, all Oregon census tracts, all Oregon metro and micro areas, and all Oregon Congressional Districts. 

With the release of new ACS 2012-2016 data today I have updated that data and added a lookup worksheet that makes it easy to drill down to you geography of interest. (all of the previous worksheets remain). 

That updated workbook is posted HERE, with a couple of examples of results pasted below. 

The primary take aways for me: 
  1. For all most every geography, 98% or more of SEVERE cost burdens occur among renters with incomes BELOW $50k. 
  2. New affordable development should therefore focus primarily on serving those households below $50k and particularly those with the lowest incomes where the incidence of severe cost burdens routinely is above 80%. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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