Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Incomes, Incomes, Incomes: Excel Lookup Tool Provides Side by Side Oregon Comparisons On 10 Different Income Estimates.

I have prepared and Excel workbook HERE that allows side by side comparisons (from among 1,200+ Oregon geographies) for 10 different income estimates using recently released ACS 2012-2016 data.  

(To see all the geo entries and pages of the Lookup worksheet embedded below you will need to scroll to the right). 

Three take aways from data:
  1. Renter median HH income is usually much lower than median household income, median family income, and homeowner median income. 
  2. Asian median HH income is sometimes higher than White, Non Hispanic median HH HH income (but data likely masks large differences among the overall group). African American and Hispanic Median HH income is generally lower than White Non Hispanic HH Income. 
  3. Homeowner median HH income is substantially higher than renter median HH income, frequently twice as high. 

The 10 income estimates shown in the lookup table are:
  1. Median HH Income
  2. African American Median HH Income
  3. Asian American Median HH Income
  4. Hispanic Median HH Income
  5. White NON Hispanic Median HH Income
  6. Median FAMILY Income
  7. Median FAMILY Income, Married Couples
  8. Median NON FAMILY Income
  9. Owner Occupied Median Household Income
  10. Renter Median Household Income
The second section of the lookup tool shows % comparisons for measures 2-10 vs Median HH Income and a comparison between owner and renter median household incomes. 

The user can select up to 5 Oregon geo areas for comparison, including counties, census tracts, places and congressional districts. 

Graphs on pages 2 and 3  to the right of the lookup tool show income comparisons for the geos selected in the far left column. (The default far left entry is the state of Oregon). 

Additional worksheets contain the raw data tables used and the income margins of errors for each estimate. Those margins likely increase with smaller geographic areas. One worksheet lists all of the geographies used in the lookup and links to the online data used. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

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