Thursday, January 24, 2019

Legislative District Data: Oregon Renter Median Incomes in 2017 Were 50% of Home Owner Median Incomes.

Readers may recall that I recently posted updated 2017 renter severe cost burden data for all 30 Senate and 60 House member districts HERE

Today for all districts and members I am posting a 3 page PDF HERE (and embedded below) that shows:
  • Overall household median income. 
  • Home owner household income. 
  • Renter median household income
  • The district number, the member name, the party affiliation and whether the member sits on the House Human Services and Housing Committee or the new Senate Housing Committee. 
[Note: Page 1 displays Senate data, Pages 2-3 display House district data. All source data is from ACS 5 year table B25119]. 

I also include my calculation of how much lower renter median household income is than home owner median household income. 

Statewide renter median incomes are 50% below home owner median incomes; within districts renter median household incomes range from 31% below to 67% below home owner median incomes. 

In the Senate: District 4 had the lowest median renter household income at $28,240 while Senate District 17 had the highest at $54,417. 

In the House: District 56 had the lowest median renter income of $26,547 and House District 30 had the highest at $67,382.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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