Friday, November 15, 2019

June 2019: Oregon PHA Details for 33,840 HUD Vouchers With Average Monthly Cost of $601, $247+ Million Annualized.

From the latest available HUD voucher data from June 2019, I calculated the monthly and annual cost per voucher and the annualized voucher cost for each public housing authority in Oregon. This includes all housing voucher types, including VASH vouchers, project based vouchers, home ownership vouchers, tenant based vouchers etc  

Observations/Notes from the table pasted below:
  • There were 33,840 vouchers in Oregon as of June 2019.
  • Total annualized cost for all vouchers, at the June 2019 rate of housing assistance payments, was $247,690,728.
  • Average monthly cost was $601, and ranged from $833 [Washington county ] to $356 [Douglas county].
  • Average annual cost was $7,319, and ranged from $10,001 [Washington county ] to $4,275 [Douglas county].
  • 3 Portland metro PHA's had 39% of all Oregon vouchers, but 49% of costs for all Oregon vouchers. 
  • Portland/Multnomah county had 27% of all Oregon vouchers, and 33% of costs for all Oregon vouchers. 
  1. The voucher housing assistance costs shown likely do NOT include admin fees. If my assumption is correct, and admin fees averaged 8%, that would add nearly $20M in annualized costs, bringing the total voucher annualized subsidy and admin costs to $267+million.
  2. These counts and costs do not include other HUD subsidized housing programs. The 2018 HUD Picture of Subsidized Housing counts a somewhat higher 36,680 authorized voucher units and another 16,207 HUD authorized project based subsidized units (at an annual cost of another $100M+) for a total of 52,887 HUD subsidized housing units in Oregon.  Also, CDBG, HOME, and Homeless funded units and costs are not included in the HUD Picture of Subsidized Housing.
  3. In early 2019 I did a post HERE with a comprehensive Excel workbook I constructed with Oregon data from the 2018 HUD Picture of Subsidized Housing. Data is available at project, census tract, zip code, place, county, metro, PHA, and congressional district levels. This data includes unit/project counts, costs, AND tenant demographics. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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