Monday, February 12, 2018

Correction: A First: Lookup Renter Housing Cost Burdens for Any of the 90 Oregon Legislators in the House and Senate.

Correction: Text changed below to reference ACS table B25070 not B25074,
I have constructed a new Excel workbook HERE and pasted below that allows users to lookup by either district number, or legislator's name, the most currently available rent burden data for that district/member. [ You may need to scroll to the right on the pasted in version below to see all three columns of data; I generally find that downloading and then viewing the file In Excel is the best option].

The default selections are for the Chair of the House Human Services and Housing Committee, and the Chair of the State Revenue Committee. 

Users will be able to see counts of the number of rent burdened and severely rent burdened households and the percentage of all renters in those categories. One of the rows also shows if the member serves on any housing related Committee. 

The far right column is static and shows, for comparison, the statewide count of rent burdened, and severely burdened rental households, and the percentages of all renters in those categories. 

The graph at the bottom of the first worksheet shows the counts and % of cost burdened renter household for the member in the 1st column

Also included in the workbook are additional worksheets that include:
  • A link to on line service that finds the Oregon legislative member and district based on a street address input. 
  • The raw data for both the House and the Senate from ACS 2012-2016, Table B25074, (correction-B25070) published in December of 2017.
  • A listing of Senate and House members including party affiliation and any housing related committees that they may serve on (House Human Services and Housing, House Revenue, Senate Human Services, Senate Revenue and the Joint Ways and Means Sub Committee on Transportation and Economic Development )
  • A graph that shows severe cost burdens for each of the 9 members of the House Human Services and Housing Committee.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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