Thursday, June 25, 2020

Weekly Oregon UI Payments Hit $241 Million; $600 Bonus Payments Were 56% of Payments, Regular UI Only 31%.

While the Oregon Employment Department is not yet able to accurately report the count of individuals receiving UI payments it has been updating their data dashboard to include the total of payments made by the different UI programs. 

So, I did a comparison of the reported payments ending June 12 to the reported total payments for the week ending June 19th by program.  

These are NOT "initial claims", or "continued claims", but [for the first time] weekly PAYMENTS by UI program.

The table pasted below shows that data. 

  • Total UI payments for the week were $241 million.
  • PUC ($600 bonus payments) were $134 million. 
  • Regular UI payments were $75 million. 
  • PUA payments were $20 million. 
  • FPEUC (payments to individuals whose other UI eligibility expired) were $7 million. 
  • Workshare UI payments were the lowest at $5 million.
FPUC/ $600 Bonus Payments Were 56% of ALL UI Payments and They Are Scheduled to Stop in Just 1 Month. 

I thought it would be instructive to also see the SHARE of total UI payments by program; the pie chart below shows that data for the week of June 12-June 19th.
  • FPUC/$600 bonus payments were 56% of ALL UI payments. FPUC is set to expire on July 25, so in ONE month, more than HALF of all Oregon UI weekly payments could STOP.
  • Regular UI payments were 31% of all UI payments 
  • PUA payments were 8% of all UI payments
  • Workshare payments were only 2% of all UI payments. 
  • As some of the these payments made were likely multiple week catch up payments the share of all UI payments by program could change in future weeks.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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