Friday, March 5, 2021

Oregon PPP Loan Update: End of Feb. Total Now Up to $9.1B, 91,000+ Loans vs $7B, 66,000 In December 2020.

Last December I did a post HERE that included an Excel database I constructed of the $7 Billion, 66,000 PPP loans approved for Oregon businesses. 

SBA has now published an end of February 2021 set of PPP data, from which I have constructed a new [large] Excel file HERE . I added several fields highlighted in grey to help navigate the data. 

SBA, under President Biden, has expanded the number of PPP data fields, so I could not simply add the newer records to the previous database. In addition the latest PPP round is not scheduled to end until the end of March and it's possible that PPP funding could be further extended. 

The default view in the new Excel file is a pivot table by month, and by county of all Oregon PPP loans, There are also several additional worksheets, including 

  1. A county summary.
  2. A pivot table of non profit loans, 
  3. A database with just non profit PPP loans, 
  4. A non profit summary by NAICS name and, 
  5.  A worksheet with NAICS codes and names.

Some observations: 

  • There are now $9.15 billion/91,080 PPP loans in the database. 
  • Three Portland metro counties account for 54%/$4.9 billion of the total loan volume.
  • Non profits received 7%/$619 million of the volume. 
  • There are small number (9) of Oregon businesses with PPP loans where the "project" in the database is located in another state.
  • Loans for less than $150,000 accounted for 31%/$2.8 billion of the total loan volume.
  • The database "jobs reported" field indicates a total of 846,370 jobs in the Oregon businesses with PPP loans. As a "jobs saved " number this isn't credible and there is no verification process to my knowledge. 
  • As of now there is no data field that indicates whether a loan has been forgiven totally or partially.  I will update if and when that information becomes available.  

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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