Monday, July 26, 2021

Updated FHA MF Insured Loan Database Has Loan Level Details on 8 Million Units, With 2 Million Units Still Active.

A long time ago (2009) I did a post HERE with a national database of all FHA multi family insured loans. 

I recently saw a news story about the $55 million sale of a Northwest Portland property at 735 SW St. Clair in Portland that reminded me that this project began as a FHA insured project in 1963. The FHA mortgage was $3.9 million. 

So.. I updated the prior workbook and posted the NEW 55 MB Excel workbook HERE .

It combines ALL Multi family FHA loans that are active or have been terminated through June 30, 2021. (Terminated/ inactive projects means there is no longer a FHA mortgage on a previously FHA insured property). 

To my knowledge this is the most comprehensive workbook of FHA multi family insured loans that is publicly available, with 39 data fields for each loan. Loan level details include the unit count, mortgage amount, interest rate, loan term, and the start date for the first loan payment. I have added columns to group projects by calendar years and to show per unit loan and principal balance remaining amounts. 

Nationally, there are now 2 Million FHA multifamily insured active units and 6 million inactive units. 

In Oregon there are now nearly 25,000 FHA multifamily insured active units and 56,000 inactive units.

The 56,000 previously insured FHA MF units in Oregon (and 6 million nationally) can continue to provide an important supply of housing long after their FHA loan termination date. THIS is a link to a prior post about Killingsworth Park, a Portland example of a previously FHA MF insured project that continues to provide affordable housing 77 years after its first mortgage payment. (This property had two 44 unit phases and is listed in the database as "Garden Courts"). 

The READ me worksheet lists all of the 20 worksheets, including

  • Details on the FIRST FHA MF insured loan in the nation, in Arlington Virginia. 
  • Details on the FHA MF insured loan for the apartments where former President Obama lived as a child in Hawaii.
  • Details on the FIRST two FHA MF insured loans in Oregon. (A current picture of the 1st, Vista Ave. Apartments, is pasted below; the worksheet has a link to the historic register listing for the second, Parkview Apartments). 
  • Details on a cluster of 5 FHA MF insured terminated loans/989 units in NW Portland, including 735 SW St. Clair.
  • Details on what I think may be the first FHA MF insured tax credit loan in the country, in Wilsonville in 1988, 
  • Details on the first FHA MF insured Fast Track loan in Boise, Idaho. 
  • FHA MF insured loans nationwide, including a pivot table.
  • FHA MF insured loans in Oregon, including a pivot table.
  • A summary of FHA MF insured loans by Oregon city.
  • FHA MF insured loans in the City of Portland.
  • FHA MF insured loans on properties with tax credits (for new loans after mid 1998).
  • FHA MF insured loans on properties with tax exemptions (for new loans CY 2000 and later).

Vista Avenue Apartments, Portland

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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