Monday, November 29, 2021

New Excel File: Oregon PPP Loan Forgiveness Now Up to $8.3 Billion, About $5,100 For Every Household In Oregon.

In a July post HERE I provided details about Oregon PPP loans by county including loan level data for $5.3 Billion in PPP loans that had been forgiven. 

The table pasted below has data as of November 7th and shows by county PPP loans and loan forgiveness that now total $8.3 billion, an increase of $3 billion in loan forgiveness since July. 

Using the new November data I also created a new Oregon PPP Excel workbook with multiple worksheets. 

It has loan level details for 115,885 PPP loans. 

Download the Excel file HERE, it will open to a READ ME worksheet that lists the worksheets along with notes about each worksheet. [The summary table pasted below is one of the worksheets in the workbook].

PPP Double Dippers+

One worksheet of interest shows PPP loans where the borrower name field is a duplicate. There are a total of 16,645 of these borrowers, with 33,455 loans. I count 128 borrowers with 3 or more PPP loans, the remainder all had 2 PPP loans.  (It possible that these and other PPP borrowers also received Restaurant Revitalization grants). 

PPP Forgiveness Per Oregon Households Nearly $5,100. 

The  nearly $8.4 billion in PPP loan forgiveness works out to $5,092 per the number of households in Oregon in 2019. (1,649,352).  

The Oregon Revenue Department indicates HERE that PPP loan forgiveness is also NOT subject to Oregon or Federal income taxes. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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