Thursday, December 23, 2021

Oregon November ERA 1 Spending: The 4 PIPS Served 1,326 Households, That's 275/26% More Households Than Projected , Spending $1M/21% More Than Projected.

Five Oregon local/counties had direct ERA 1 grants that total $52M+. 

Four counties did not achieve target expenditure rates by the end of September and were required to submit performance improvement plans to Treasury with monthly projected households to be served with ERA 1 resources along with their planned spending amounts. 

Using public record requests I got November reports from these grantees and compiled the table pasted below showing actual performance vs their PIP's. 

For the ERA 1 program these four grantees (The 4 PIPS):  

  • Served 1,326 households, that's 275/ (26%) MORE households than projected. 
  • Spent $6.1 million, that's $1M// (21%) MORE than projected.  
  • Lane county exceeded their household served projection by 44%/137 households.
  • Clackamas county exceeded their household served projection by 25%/86 households.
  • Washington county exceeded their household served projection by 20%/59 households.
  • Marion county was the only PIP grantee that fell short of both projected HH's (-7%) and spending (-21%).
Still Waiting for Multnomah County Data
The only Oregon ERA 1 county grantee that I still don't have data from is Multnomah County, one of three Oregon ERA 1 grantees who asked Treasury for reallocated funding. 

I got prompt responses from both OHCS and the City of Portland, but no luck so far with Multnomah county. 

I will  post similar information for these grantees once I get the Multnomah county data. 

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