Wednesday, July 6, 2022

UPDATE: Oregon Cities, 2020 Per Capita Income: Lake Oswego #1, Portland #11. But Portland's Inflation Adjusted Increase from 2015-2020 was DOUBLE ( 21.7% vs 10.7 %).


I added a 3rd page to the PDF file linked below. 

It shows for EVERY state + DC and Puerto Rico the place (among places with 10+K population) with the highest and lowest per capita income . 

In Oregon the 10+K population place with the lowest per capita income in 2020 was Ontario at $21,303 vs the Oregon per capita income of $35,393 and the Lake Oswego (state highest) per capita income of $70,276.


Its fairly routine to see household income and family income data but less so for per capita data. 

So, I dug out from the American Community Survey per capita data (Table B19301) for the US, Oregon, and 235 Oregon cities in 5 year increments for 2020, 2015, and 2010. I then made inflation adjustments using the nationwide CPI-U-RS annual averages. 

The result is the two page PDF HERE and embedded below that shows the top 20 cities in Oregon ranked by 2020 per capita income, and also includes Oregon and the US per capita income. 

Columns in the table show both nominal and inflation adjusted per capita incomes for 2020, 2015, and 2010 and the ranking amongst 235 cities. 

The second page of the PDF is a graph showing the 2020 per capita income and the 2015-2020 inflation adjusted increase or decrease in per capita income. 


  • The Oregon per capita income 0f $35,393 for 2020 was nearly identical to the US per capita income of $35,384.
  • Lake Oswego (where I live) is the clear city leader with a per capita income of $70,276. That's DOUBLE the statewide per capita income of $35,393. 
  • Among cities Portland  ($43,811) ranks 11th in the state, but Portland's  inflation adjusted increase from 2015-2020 was DOUBLE the Lake Oswego increase ( 21.7% vs 10.7 %). 
  • I thought that Ashland (#12) would have a higher per capita income than the data shows ($43,397) and I have no insight as to why it isn't higher. 
  • I was also surprised that Hillsboro was not among the city top 20 with a 2020 per capita income of $38,162.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.


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