Monday, January 5, 2009

09-11 Oregon Tax Expenditure Report Analysis, With Housing Breakout: Rental Housing Gets 50 Cents Out of Each $100 In Oregon Tax Breaks.

I have just an analysis of the 2009-2011 Oregon Tax Expenditure report.

While I focus my analysis on housing tax expenditures, I include data on all 380 Oregon tax expenditures. You can find my new Excel workbook HERE. (This is the only place where I believe you will find this data in this format).

A PDF version of several worksheets from the workbook is HERE, it also includes (at the end) the full 2009-2011 Oregon Tax Expenditure Report).

The Excel data and analysis workbook includes 7 separate worksheets:

2, Overall Summary.(Includes a graph showing housing share of each $100 in tax expenditures).
3, Housing Summary 09-11. (Includes a graph showing home ownership share of housing tax expenditures).
4. Housing Summary 07-09 (From a prior report that I had done a year ago).
5. 09-11 Housing Only RANKED (ranked by $$).
6. All Tax Expend 09-11 (380 separate tax expenditure items, ranked by $$).
7, Pivot, All T.E. 09-11. ( A pivot table for worksheet 6)

Highlights of 2009-2011 Oregon State Tax Expenditure Analysis:
  • Total Oregon tax expenditures will increase by 10.7% [$2.98 BILLION] to $30.908 BILLION
  • Total Oregon tax expenditures for housing will increase by 6.5% [$109.8 Million], to $1.801 BILLION.
  • For every $100 in total Oregon tax expenditures, rental housing will receive 50 Cents.
  • For every $100 in total Oregon tax expenditures, homeowners will receive $5.32.
  • Homeowners will get 91% of all housing tax expenditures ($1.645 BILLION).
  • Rental Housing will get 9% of all housing tax expenditures ($155.9 Million).
(As I frequently need to remind myself, make sure to DIVIDE these numbers by 2 if you are interested in annual amounts).

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