Monday, April 20, 2009

Simplfied Portland RMLS Monthly and YTD Single Family Dollar Sales and Other Comparisons.

As I indicated in prior post, I am going to be simplifying my summary of changes in single family dollar sales volume activity from the Portland RMLS. Instead of trying to do multiple geographic subdivisions, I will focus only on the Portland area, as defined by RMLS (excludes Clark County).

You will find the March report in the new format HERE.
(You can always find the most recent version of the report posted and linked in the right pane as "Portland Metro SF Sales Data"). The new format includes:
  • Graphs showing YTD and monthly changes in SF Dollar Sales Volume AND
  • A one page table for each month that includes A. Changes in Dollar Sales Volume B. Changes in Closed Sales and C. Changes in Average Sales Prices
For each month, comparisons are made with the same period for the last two years.

Updating this table should be a lot simpler, requiring only the changing of the month, and the copy and pasting of far fewer values, and thus far fewer possible errors.

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