Monday, April 26, 2010

DOT Tiger II NOFA Seeks Input on Joint Availability Announcement with HUD Sustainbility Grant NOFA. post is HERE.

$600 million available for Tiger II transportation infrastructure grant; Notice solicits input on selection criteria. Comments due NLT MAY 7th. Docket from is HERE.

Justia link to DOT funding notice from Federal Register is HERE. (21 page PDF is HERE). From Notice:
DOT is particularly interested in receiving comments on its intention to conduct a multi-agency evaluation and award process with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (``HUD'') for DOT's TIGER II Planning Grants (as defined below in Section VII (TIGER II Planning Grants)), and HUD's Community Challenge Planning Grants, which were also authorized under the FY 2010 Appropriations Act...
While the DOT and HUD planning grant programs have similar, related purposes, there are differences in the activities that the two programs can fund. DOT's program can fund planning activities that relate directly to a future transportation capital investment, while HUD's program can fund local planning activities that could support future transportation investment.
Transportation planning activities that may be funded under the TIGER II Discretionary Grant program include efforts related to individual transportation projects, transportation corridors, or regional transportation systems or networks. Activities eligible for funding under HUD's program include, but are not limited to, the development of master plans, zoning and building code reform
initiatives, including the development of inclusionary zoning ordinances, corridor and district plans, and other strategies, including land acquisition, designed to create walkable, mixed-use, transit-oriented, and affordable communities for persons of all incomes, especially those of low-, very low-, and extremely low-income persons and families.

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