Thursday, June 10, 2010

CY 2010 FHA SF Loans Through April: County Breakout Includes HECM's

I have prepared a comprehensive summary of all FHA SF loans in Oregon for CY 2010 through April. The county level report HERE includes breakouts by loan category (Refi, Purchase, and HECM loans) and includes loan counts and loan $$. 

Portland Metro % of Statewide Total is Smallest for HECM Loans
This table includes a row showing the % of statewide FHA loans in the 5 counties in Oregon that are part of the Portland Metro area.  While the Portland metro share of total FHA loans for ref and purchase loans is 50%+, note that the share of HECM loans in the Portland metro area is much smaller at 32%.

20 Oregon "Hardest Hit" Counties Have 74% of All FHA Loans YTD.
I included a row showing the YTD number of loans and the percentage of loans going to counties that Oregon has designated as Hardest Hit in their proposal submitted to the US Treasury.  In every loan type the % of statewide loans in these Hardest Hit counties is either 74% or 75%

[My prior post, with some comparisons to FHA CY 2009 activity through April is HERE].

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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