Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oregon Population Change Excel Lookup Tool Includes Minority and Ethnic Pop Change Data.

I have constructed a powerful new Excel 2007 look up tool as a workbook HERE. (To allow maximum columns, file is formatted as landscape, legal size; file is called a look up because it extracts correct values for selections you make in each row from a hidden list of more than 3,800 possible values).

This tool focuses on Oregon county level population CHANGE from 2008-2009 and from 2000-2009, INCLUDING change by race and ethnicity; this is a subset of the consolidated Oregon county population table that I just posted as a 16 page PDF file (my prior post about that file is HERE).  

(NOTE: This new tool was created in Excel 2007 format.Some users report when they save Excel 2007 files they end up with a compressed .zip file extension. My suggestion is to RIGHT CLICK and save the file to your PC. Then navigate to the file you downloaded and look at its file extension. IF it appears as .ZIP extension, change the .ZIP extension to Excel 2007 extension (.xlsx), and THEN open the file with Excel 2007. [Please, no whining about not using Excel 1997 format, peeps, Excel 2010 is coming out this week!]).

My READ ME worksheet in this workbook explains what this tool can do, and the source of the data:

1.This workbook allows easy comparisons of Oregon County level population CHANGES from 2008-2009 and from 2000-2009.                   
2.Users can select ANY combination of race and county in first two columns and values for Total Population Change, Hispanic Population Change, Non Hispanic Population Change, and Hispanic Share of Total Population are then returned in the columns to the right.          
3.Default selection is for Oregon metro counties, first for "All Races", and then for "White alone", but the user may substitute for the default selections ANY combination of race and counties, in ANY order of their choosing.
4.Except for selection of race and county workbook values in first two columns the look up worksheet is password protected to prevent inadvertent data entry. The data source is a June 2010 Census release of 2009 county population estimates.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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