Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oregonian Continues to Give Kitzhaber Pass on Agency Head Diversity, But Still ZERO Minorities and One Less Female.

The Oregonian has published an update on their earlier assessment of diversity in the Kitzhaber administration. 

The updated assessment, based on appointments to commissions and immediate staff appointments, was that progress was " in the works ". Oregonian assessments can be found HERE.  

My earlier assessment HERE, based on a look at 24 agency heads was more skeptical, pointing out the absence of ANY minorities as agency heads and that only 6 (25%) were female.  

I went back and checked and the only two changes to my earlier assessment was the replacement of one white female with a white male (Michael Jordan for Kristine Kautz at DAS) and the replacement of one white male with another white male at Land Conservation and Development ( Jerry Lidz for Richard Whitman).

I can't see 6 months into office how reducing department head female representation from 25% to 21% and having ZERO minority department heads can be fairly viewed with a progress assessment of "in the works", but maybe that's just me. What do YOU think?

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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