Monday, July 25, 2011

Updated: Bloomberg Story On Section 8 Contract Administration; Two New Bid Protests Bring Count to 35.

Didn't see map that Bloomberg had created for their story HERE
Full story appears in Bloomberg News today HERE, had been published in Bloomberg Government for subscribers only on Friday (my Friday post HERE).

Note that as of this morning, total protests were up to 35, not the earlier count of 22 as reported in Bloomberg story. States with contracts under protest are now up to 26, representing 70% + of all units.  [I will try to update my table HERE with lower 33 protest count late this week, after I check to see if any additional protests have been filed or withdrawn].

One of new protests was for my home state of Michigan. Turns out that winning bidder is affiliate of Livonia Housing Commission, a PHA in a western suburb of Detroit.  [My belated apology if you drove one of the Fords that I help build a transmission for in Livonia in 1966].

Not sure, but seems possible that winning bidder Quality Affordable Housing Services Corporation is affiliated with private sector firm.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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