Thursday, August 4, 2011

Draft Comparison: 2010 vs 2000 Oregon Homeownership Rates/Gaps--Some Progress But Not for African Americans/ Native Hawiian/ Pac Islanders.

After an alert reader provided a link to a Salem Statesman Journal story HERE about an increase in the Oregon Hispanic home ownership rate, I decided to do a quick comparison between 2010 and 2000 Census Oregon home ownership rates.

I am hopeful that someone else will check data from Census to confirm my calculations, but for now my DRAFT comparison is HERE in a two page PDF table. 

The table shows that in Oregon :
  1. Overall home ownership rates decreased by 3.2%. 
  2. White non Hispanic HO rates decreased by 2.6%
  3. African American HO rates decreased significantly by 12.1% [In a decade my calculations are that Oregon added only a net increase of 813 African American homeowners].
  4. Native Hawaiian and Pac Islander HO rates also decreased by 4.5%
  5. American Indian and Alaska Native HO rates decreased by 1.6%
  6. Asian HO rates increased significantly by 11.8%
  7. Hispanic HO rates also increased significantly by 8.9%.
  8. Except for Asians, minority HO gaps in 2010 remain high, and those gaps actually increased for both African Americans and for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. 
  9. Finally, as I have noted previously Oregon add 10,000 more rental households than owner occupied households in the last decade. (97,000 vs 87,000). Moreover, the rate of growth of rental households was double the rate of growth of home owner households (20% vs. 10%).
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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