Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who Knew? In 2010, Among 8 Largest Cities in Portland Metro in Oregon, Lake Oswego Had Highest Minority Home Ownership Rankings.

I have prepared a Census 2010 sourced table that shows  home ownership rate data, including minority home ownership rate data and gaps, for the 8 Oregon cities in the jurisdiction of Metro with 10,000 or more total households. 

The two page table also includes rankings from best to worst (1 to 8) on 12 different minority home ownership metrics and best to worst rankings on 2 other metrics for overall homeownership rate and the white, non Hispanic home ownership rate.

Finally in the far left hand column on the first page the total counts of home owners and home ownership rates for all 25 cities in Metro's jurisdiction are shown.

The table is HERE and it has some surprises, especially with rankings found on page 2:
  1. On 12 different metrics of minority home ownership, Lake Oswego has the highest/best ranking on 8 of those metrics.
  2. Using those same 12 minority home ownership metrics, Tualatin was ranked the lowest/worst on 5 of these metrics.
  3. Portland does not rank the highest or the lowest in any of the 12 minority home ownership metrics. It did have the 2nd lowest/best all minority home ownership rate gap.
  4. Beaverton is ranked the lowest on 3 of the 12 minority home ownership metrics. And, among these 8 Portland metro cities, it also had the lowest overall home ownership rate, and the lowest white non Hispanic home ownership rate. 
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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