Sunday, September 18, 2011

CORRECTED: Eligible Applicant List to Submit Full Application for HUD Regional Planning Grant NOFA Does NOT Include Portland's Metro.

Thanks to prompt weekend early AM response from Metro staff, I was able to confirm that Metro WAS invited to submit a full application for the subject sustainability planning grant. While they do NOT appear on the Excel listing, it turns out that HUD had NOT recorded their application, but fortunately Metro kept a copy of the receipt confirmation for their application. Text has been changed below to correctly reflect that Metro IS an invited application, and prior text is shown with strikethrough.

I downloaded the NOFA for the full HUD Regional Sustainable Communities Planning Grant NOFA HERE, which was posted September 6th, and has a October 6th deadline for response. (If this link does not work search for CFDA number 14.703 at

Within the zipped folder for this NOFA there is an Excel list titled "Appendix A Eligible Applicants.xlsx" I sorted through the list of eligible metro areas and found 4 Oregon eligible applicants that did NOT include Portland's Metro: 
  • Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, Bend
  • Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, The Dalles
  • Oregon Cascades West Council Of Governments, Albany
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College, Coos Bay
HOWEVER, good news is that Metro staff has confirmed via email that HUD has invited them to apply since HUD lost their application, but Metro was able to supply a confirmation that the application had been submitted on time. So Oregon now has 5 areas invited to apply for this grant.

(Kudos to Metro staff for timely weekend AM response to my request for confirmation of their status). 

I will contact Metro for confirmation, but if anyone has been formally told by Metro that it did not qualify for the full application, feel free to add a comment or send me an email. (I would be happy to correct this post if Metro advises that it is error).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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