Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Knew? Oregon Renter Households 56% MORE Likely to Have Children Under 6 Than Owner Occupied Households

Took a glance at new Oregon Census 2010 data released today.   

Census 2010 Table HCT11 (TENURE BY PRESENCE AND AGE OF RELATED CHILDREN) has counts of children by tenure. My calculations:

Statewide in Oregon, for children less than 6 years old, renter households were 56% more likely to  to have children of this age than were owner occupied households; 9.3% of renter households have children less than age six and 5.9% of all owner occupied households had children less than age 6. ( 9.3%/5.6%-1= 56%). 

Oregon School Districts:  In 95% of Districts, Renter Households More Likely than Owner Occupants to Have Children Less than Age Six ; One BIG Exception. 
I also took look at Oregon School District Data, and it appears that in 183 of 192 (95%) Oregon school districts, renter households were MORE likely than owner occupant households to have children less than age six.

A notable exception was the Portland School District 1J where renter households were 37% less likely than owner occupant households to have children less than age six.

All Children
Statewide in Oregon, renter households were 10% more likely to have children of all ages than owner occupied households; 31.3% of renter households had children and 28.4% of owner occupied households had children. ( 31.3%/28.4%-1= 10%).


Because the overall number of owner occupant households were more than the number of renter households, 60% of the total households with children were owner occupant households and 40% were renter households.

However, of the total Oregon number of households with children less than six years old, nearly a majority of those, 49%, were renter households. 

These are counts of households with children and not population counts of children. 

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