Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Case Schiller Portland Metro Home Price Index: Rate of Increase Varies by Home Price Range.

In addition to the overall market index Case Schiller also published index values by home price range for each market; their most recently non seasonally adjusted index for this data set in Excel is HERE.

I did a quick analysis that shows that 
  • The home price index (143.39) for the middle price tier for Portland metro homes ($207,926 - $311,708) is the highest of all price tiers AND has the highest year to year increase (6.5%).
  • Homes in the lowest tier (prices less than $207,926) had the largest year to date increase at 10.7%.
  • Homes in the highest price tier continue to drag down the overall index with lower year to year (7%) and year to date increases (2.7%).
The table below has the related data: 

Metric Under $207,926 $207926 - $311,708 (Over $311,708) Overall Market
Index Value 141.24 143.39 138.49 140.8
YTY Change 10.7% 9.7% 7.0% 8.3%
YTD Change 3.0% 6.5% 2.7% 3.6%

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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