Sunday, September 27, 2015

All Oregon 2014 HMDA Home Loan Applications; Big Drop Off in Refinancing Applications from 2013.

Readers may recall a prior 2013 post HERE that contained an Excel file with data for 240k HMDA Oregon home loan applications. 

I have replicated that Excel workbook for 2014 HERE; it contains information about the disposition and details about 165k HMDA [Oregon metro] home loan applications; in both files data is available all the way to the census tract level. 

  • The big drop off in applications were for loan refinancings, DOWN from 150,909 in 2013 to 72,191 in 2014. 
  • Home purchase applications were UP from 80,619 in 2013 to 85,274 in 2014.

Originally created and posted in the Oregon Housing Blog.

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