Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oregon GSE Activity 2014: Down Significantly to $11.3 Billion in Loans, 53k Borrowers.

I have posted a new Excel workbook HERE that includes loan level detail for 53K/$11.3 billion in GSE loan purchases in Oregon in 2014; the data is available down to the census tract level. Caution: The file is LARGE at 53 MBS's. 

The data comes from the Federal Housing Finance Agency national GSE 2014 MS Access Database HERE--even zipped it is VERY large at 186 MB's, so I don't recommend downloading the national file unless your doing national research. The 2014 GSE public use data dictionary is HERE

Included in my Excel workbook are these worksheets 

  • All Oregon GSE data. I added several lookup columns starting at Column AN that substitute names for select codes in the MS Access database. This includes race, ethnicity, and loan purpose. 
  • A pivot table of all Oregon GSE data.
  • All Portland Metro GSE data, including Clark County in Washington
  • A pivot table of the Portland Metro GSE data
  • Several worksheets with codes and lookups used to add names to select coded values. One worksheet shows the field names for all 39 columns of GSE data. 
This search of my blog has my prior GSE posts HERE, including my Sept 2014 post of an Excel workbook with similar data for 2013.  With the added 2014 data there is now now is 5 years of available Excel GSE data for Oregon from 2010 forward; likely Oregon is the only state with that scope of GSE census tract level data readily available.


  1. 2014 GSE Oregon activity of 53k loans, $11.3 billion is DOWN significantly from Oregon GSE 2013 loan volume of 95k loans, and $19.1 billion. 
  2. Unlike HMDA data, GSE data includes non metro areas AND also includes a code for first time home buyers. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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