Monday, November 22, 2021

Confirmed: Lane County Required to Submit Performance Improvement Plan to Accelerate Use of $11.4 Million in ERA 1 Funds Directly Allocated to Them.

In a previous post I reported that the Lane County Commission was considering an extension to the statewide 60 day tenant protection period found in SB 278 to 90 days. 

That measure is to be considered at the November 30th meeting of the Commission. (A meeting agenda and related materials apparently will not be available until Wednesday). 

One of the citied reasons for the extension was that the state software caused problems.

"It is well established that the state requirement to use rental processing software they acquired is the cause of the delay in getting funding approved and distributed in a timely fashion.'

In the post I speculated that the progress in using the $11.4 million in ERA 1 funds directly allocated to Lane county may have been actually slower than the use of OHCS funds that were sub allocated by OHCS to Lane county. 

The response from Lane county to my public records request confirmed this was accurate. 

Unlike OHCS, Lane county was required to submit a performance improvement plan (PIP) to the [US] Treasury with their plan to accelerate the use of their directly allocated $11.4 million in ERA 1 funds. 

Lane county also has an additional direct allocation of $5.4 million in ERA 2 funds. 

I have questions about the Lane county PIP details sent to me. 

Once they are resolved I will repost the PIP along with my observations about their planned efforts. 

The PIP was an important effort to stave off possible reallocation of unused funds. Treasury is likely to begin making reallocation decisions perhaps as early as December. 

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