Monday, January 24, 2022

2,000+ PHA's Ranked, Voucher Per Unit Monthly Costs [PUC]: Oregon Has 3 PHA's that Rank Above the 80th Percentile in PUC.

From the HUD Voucher Dashboard I downloaded and sorted the most recent HUD voucher per-unit cost by housing authority and added a percentile ranking column. 

The data is for 2021 through October and there are 2,138 PHA's ranked. 

I created an Excel workbook with that data HERE including a worksheet with Oregon PHA data.

The Oregon rankings are also pasted as a picture below. 

My observations:

  • The median national (unweighted) PUC was $507.
  • The Oregon median (unweighted) PUC was higher at $587. That is the 63% percentile.
  • All but 4 Oregon PHA’s‘(Coos Curry, Douglas, Klamath, Umatilla) had a PUC higher than the unweighted US median PUC.
  • PUC for 3 Oregon PHA’s ranked ABOVE the 80th+percentile.(Clackamas, Portland [Home Forward], and Washington ).
  • 9 of the top 10 PUCs were in California.
  • The highest PUC was the San Francisco Housing Authority with a PUC of $2,064.
  • The highest OREGON PUC was the Washington County Housing Authority with a PUC of $925. That is at the 87% percentile. 
  • The lowest PUC was the Maryville Missouri housing authority with a PUC of $191.
  • The lowest OREGON PUC was the Klamath County Housing Authority with a PUC of $422. That is at the 33% percentile. 
PUC 2021 through Oct.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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