Monday, January 10, 2022

November Treasury ERA Spending Shows OHCS Assistance to Household Ratio of 77% Substantially Larger than 47% Ratio for Oregon Local Direct Grantees.

On Friday, the Treasury released overdue ERA spending and household assisted data for November. 

Reallocated Funds: Oregon Grantees Get $1.3 Million , a Tiny Fraction of the $248M that Had been Requested. 

The release also included data on the reallocation of $1 billion in ERA funds. Most of those funds were transferred within states, but Oregon grantees appear to have received a total of $1.3 million in reallocated funds:

This is FAR less than the $248+ million that had been requested by Oregon grantees. 

Observations on the spending data for November.

The YTD ERA 1 ratio of assistance spending to households was 

  • 59% nationwide.
  • 69% statewide in Oregon
  • 77% for Oregon Housing and Community Services.
  • 46% for Oregon LOCAL ERA grant recipients (primarily because ratios in the City of Portland, Marion county, and Washington county were all less than 50%. Multnomah county stands out at a reported 94% ratio).
ERA Funding Remaining Uncertain, 
ERA 2 Will Provide $96 Million, 
Some of $3.4 to $4.2 BILLION in State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Is Eligible for Rental Assistance Use. 
After subtracting the assistance to household spending, there was another $107 million remaining from ERA 1 grants at the end of November. However most of those funds may already be obligated for non household spending, including admin and housing stability services. 

In addition Oregon grantees have an additional allocation of nearly $96 million for the ERA 2 program. 

And, as I indicated in my prior post HERE, $3.4 to $4.2 Billion in State and Local Fiscal Recovery funds allocated to Oregon could be used to fund rental assistance. 

In November the number of unique households assisted in by ERA 1 was  

  • 378,217 nationwide.
  • 8,178 in Oregon.
  • 4,432 for Oregon Housing and Community Services.
  • 3,746 for Oregon LOCAL ERA 1 grant recipients.

The table pasted below has this and more information

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