Friday, January 14, 2022

January 1962 Edition of House + Homes Magazine Has Market Forecasts , Opposition to Subsidized Housing, Opposition to JFK Desegregation Order and More.

I recently stumbled across the web site that has an extensive listing of historical architecture related magazines HERE. Highly recommended but also highly addictive

I dug out the House + Home magazine issue from January 1962, 60 years ago.

I then extracted the "Roundup" news related section from that issue and then posted that smaller file HERE

The image below is from the Roundup index that gives you a flavor of what's in that issue. (The page numbers shown don't match with the PDF file, but I created bookmarks that will get you to specific items).

  • 1.4+ million starts projected for 1962.
  • Homebuilders lobbied JFK to delay desegregation executive order. [He signed the order 10 months later, one year and two days before his assassination]. 
  • Realtors didn't like housing subsidies (except mortgage interest deduction?). 
  • The Washington state Supreme court voided anti-bias law; a white seller backed out of $18,000 sale to a Black mail carrier. Home builders, mortgage bankers, real estate agents, and Apartment owners association all supported the seller. 
  • A brush fire in LA destroyed 467 high end homes; Burt Lancaster was left homeless
  • FHA deputy was fired over $7,000 card game debt to builder that was forgiven. 

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