Tuesday, September 6, 2022

City of Portland Yearly and 5 Year Median Rent Increase Remains the Lowest in Portland Metro Area , Including Vancouver.

Apartment List monthly rent data for August is out

Their methodology is HERE.

The table pasted below has my summary of the 12 month and 5 year change in 2 bedroom median rents for Portland metro cities, Austin Texas, and Vancouver, Wa.. 

Two Headlines:  

  1. City of Portland Yearly and 5 Year Increase of 5.9% Remains the Lowest in the Portland Metro Area, Including Vancouver .
  2. Austin's Rent Was $60 BELOW the City of Portland 2 BR Median Rent 5 Years Ago, and It's Now $341 MORE than Portland's.
Additional Note: 
While likely not statistically significant, Portland's August 2022 $1,518 median 2 bedroom rent was BELOW Gresham's $1,519. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

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