Sunday, August 14, 2011

25 Metro Cities, 2010 Census: Minority Home Ownership Rates and Gaps, With Rankings.

My prior post HERE presented Census 2010 home ownership rates and gaps, with rankings, for the 8 largest cities in Oregon within Metro's jurisdiction.

This is an expanded version of the same analysis for all 25 Oregon cities in Metro's jurisdiction.  The PDF file HERE has four tables:
  1. Owner Occupant Household Counts
  2. Home Ownership Rates
  3. Minority Home Ownership Gaps
  4. Best to Worst Home Ownership Rankings, Including 12 Minority Home Ownership Rate and Gap Rankings 

  1. Lake Oswego, which had ranked the highest among 8 largest city on 8 of 12 minority home ownership metrics, does not rank highest on any dimension when the other 17 cities are added. 
  2. Wood Village, which has the highest diversity index rating of these 25 cites, has no minority home ownership rate ranking higher than 10th. This suggests that diversity index scores may not be correlated with minority home ownership rates OR, if correlated at all, there may be a negative correlation, meaning that a higher diversity index value could have some degree of association with a lower minority home ownership rate. [See my March 2011 post with diversity index ratings and rankings for these 25 cities HERE].
  3. Portland's highest ranking is 12th, on its African American home ownership gap.
  4. Beaverton, Durham, Fairview, Gresham, Tualatin, and Wilsonville all have a number of 20+ rankings, in the bottom 5th of these cities.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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