Thursday, September 20, 2012

Video/Audio of Lake Oswego City Council Work Session: Housing/Pop Forecast, Comp Plan Housing Policies.

The Lake Oswego City Council held a work session on September 11 that included discussion of revised housing and population forecasts and the proposed changes in housing comprehensive plan policies previously approved by the Planning Commission.  

I did not attend this meeting however I obtained video and created a Iphone/Apple compatible video of entire 2+ hour discussion and posted it on the Internet Archive HERE. The housing and population forecast discussion is first, with the housing comp plan policy discussion starting at 50:24. 

Video file can be viewed online OR downloaded, but if you download, note that file is VERY large at 320+ MB's. (On line viewing of video takes a moment or two to start. File loaded readily using Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers but I had a little initial difficulty in getting it to load for online viewing using Firefox or Safari).
  Tip: If you click on thumbnails in left pane, you can click on image and it jump to that portion of the video where speaker(s) in frame appear.

MP 3 Audio 
I have also uploaded an audio file of the meeting to the Internet Archive HERE; you can listen on line or download,  it is substantially smaller at 92 MB's. 

If after listening to the audio I find any specific comments of interest, I will update this post with start times for those comments.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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