Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Metro Transportation Plan Comments and YOURS?; Deadline/Hearing Thursday May 6th.

I have transmitted my comments on the Metro 2035 Regional Transportation Plan via the MS Word document HERE. My earlier blog post with links to plan is HERE. [Written comments are due NLT midnight Thursday May 6th, but you will want to comment before then (read on)].

You will see in my comments that Metro's Transportation Plan has problems with conflicting definitions of affordability AND MAJOR problems with how the affordability outcome goal is defined and NOT applied below the regional level.

Why Should You/I Care?
The Regional Transportation Plan will be adopted by Metro Council in June, long before the anticipated December adoption of the Urban Growth plan. Both plans contain a single housing outcome that seeks to measure combined renter housing and transportation cost burdens. What gets defined as that housing cost burden outcome in the Transportation Plan should be exactly the same measure as found within the Urban Growth Plan. As I have indicated there ARE major problems with how that housing cost burden outcome is defined and applied in the draft Regional Transportation Plan.

Public Hearing Thursday May 6th, 5 PM
Metro has scheduled a public hearing for 5 PM on the May 6th, the same day that comments are due by Midnight.

I STRONGLY encourage you to
  1. Read my comments and as SOON as possible via email [] either express support for my comments OR submit your own comments. The URL for my comments is
  2. (Note that I used MS Word for my comments to make it easy for you to selectively copy/paste/add or edit my comments so they could be incorporated into YOUR comments).
  3. Appear at the Thursday May 6th 5 PM public hearing to testify.(Bring your written remarks to the hearing, even if you testify orally).
How to Send Comments
  1. Comments should be sent via email to Metro to
  2. Metro also has an on line form to submit comments (but it doesn't allow attachments). Go HERE to use that method.
  3. You may mail hard copies of comments to RTP, Metro Planning and Development, 600 NE Grand Avenue, Portland 97232, or drop them off at the front security desk inside the Metro building. Your comments, however they arrive, will be considered if they are received by midnight, May 6.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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